Providing Peace of Mind to Our Customers

We have two operational departments which ensure quality improvement: the Quality Control Department and the Quality Assurance Department.

<Quality Control Department>

The Quality Control Department primarily performs daily quality testing on raw materials as well as on intermediate compounds and finished products which are created every day.

This division is not simply a testing division, it also acts as a process physician for the entire company's production operations. Test results are, of course, used to ascertain the quality of the material that has just been tested. However, the test results compiled also serve as a database for a cumulative analysis to assess any fluctuations in quality over time and allow us to perform any precautionary or mitigating measures at the first sign of anomalies.

The proper use of rapidly developing quality testing technology is essential to this division and we make an active effort to acquire and introduce this technology so that we can provide products with consistent quality.

<Quality Assurance Department>

The Quality Assurance Department continually makes sure that the entire production process is being run according to the GMP and that our customers can be rest assured in using the products we provide.

Every day we strive to support a sound quality assurance system that keeps up with the rapidly changing control standards.

Main Analytical Equipment

Ion chromatograph Electric Balance Kari Fischer Volumetric Titrator
Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Kari Fischer Coulometric Titrator
Endotoxin Detector Gas Chromatography Potentiometric Titrator
300MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance FT-IR Melting point Measuring Apparatus
Polarimeter UV-VIS Spectophotometer Muffle Furnace
Turbidity Meter Conductivity Meter Constant Temperature Water Bath
Drying Oven pH Meter Cooling Water Circulator
Differential scanning Calorimeter Vacuum Oven Constant Temperature and humidity Incubator
Voltage/Current Calibrator Sonic Shifter Fine Particle Characteristics Measuring Instrument
  Thermocouple Calibrator