Message from the President


Values and Beliefs

Since our company was established, Katsura Chemical’s philosophy has always been to “continually take on the most difficult challenges”. Based on this approach, we have supplied active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to various pharmaceutical companies in Japan and other countries in the world.

We are not a large company but all our employees carry out their work every day with a sense of pride in being involved in the production and provision of pharmaceutical products.

In the future, we will continue to support the lives, health and lifestyles of people whilst at the same time contributing to the sustainable development of society and providing high-quality API.

The significance of Katsura Chemical

At Katsura Chemical, we define our significance with the following statement “By improving our Katsura Quality with a focus on chemical technologies, we want to gain the interest, gratitude and respect from customers, business partners and employees.”
“Katsura Quality” refers to the performance of high-quality work in order to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products.
As an API manufacturer, the production of high-quality pharmaceutical products is absolutely essential. However, we believe this alone is not sufficient; we also operate at the highest level to provide high-quality API. This also applies to quality assurance to inspire and stimulate peace of mind, responses to pharmaceutical affairs and the provision of technical information from a customer’s perspective.

This is what we call “Katsura Quality” and we put in a great deal of effort every day to achieve this.

And we will continue to work hard towards earning the respect and appreciation of all of our fine customers.

Company Overview

Company name Katsura Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Established in May, 1951
Capital 30 million Yen
Operations Manufacturing, sales and export/import of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediate and chemical products for medical use.
  • Head Office & Factory:
    4-15-19 Hibarigaoka, zama-city, Kanagawa, 252-0003, JAPAN
    Tel: +81-46-251-0948 (main phone number)
    Fax: +81-46-256-6071
  • Tokyo Office:
    Nihonbashi Sanyu Bldg.6F, 4-12-13, Nihonbashihoncho, chuo-ku,
    Tokyo,103-0023, JAPAN
Representative President:Ryotaro Katsura
Director Director:Yo Kamiya
Director:Yuji Katakura
Director:Koji Fujieda
Number of employees 49 persons (as of April 2017)
Member of Japan Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association
Kanagawa Prefecture Drug Manufacturers Association
Zama City Commerce and Industry Association
Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Main banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Yamato Branch
Japan Finance Corporation Tokyo Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Yokohamanishiguchi Branch
Yachiyo Bank Minamirinkan Branch
The Yokohama Shinkin Bank Sagamino Branch