Environmental Policy

Mission statement

As a responsible API manufacturer, we contribute towards supporting people’s health by providing high-quality pharmaceutical products. We are, however, aware of the influence of our business activities, products and services on the environment in which people live. Whilst acknowledging this fact, we aim to make a continuous contribution to our society by taking the initiative to reduce environmental loads and ensure environmental safety.

Our key objectives

Environmental Policy
  1. Taking the initiative with respect to environmental protection, we promote environmental management activities by having a correct understanding of the impact of our business operation and setting environmental objectives and targets. We practice “Kaizen – continuous improvement” by conducting regular reviews and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. In our production activities, we re-evaluate production and manufacturing processes to reduce waste emission from raw materials and improve methods of operation. In addition, we take into account the selection of raw materials from the development stage in order to minimize the environmental impact.
  3. We are fully committed to complying with the legal environmental requirements that are applicable to our business as well as other relevant requirements agreed upon.
  4. We address the following key topics for Environmental Management within our business activities:
    1. Reduction and thorough control of the emission of chemical substances.
    2. Promotion of resources and energy conservation by reducing the consumption of paper and electric power usage.
    3. Reduction of the amount of waste.
  5. We post our Environmental Policy on the company’s notice board and train our employees to provide them with a better understanding of the subject. Our information is also available to external parties upon request.

October 1, 2011
Ryotaro Katsura
Katsura Chemical Co., Ltd.